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So, you’re trying to figure out if you’re going to contact the best mobile mechanic in Columbia or if you’re going to contact one of the other local auto mechanics or local auto repair shops.

Okay, let me help. I will tell you why you should contact me and entrust your vehicle repairs to me:

  • You Always Get Me- When you call me up and have me do vehicle repairs, I’m always going be the one to do the repairs. This means you get consistency in the repairs, and in the auto mechanic who makes the repairs. Let me give you an example to illustrate why that is so valuable. You consistently go to Prisma Health for your medical needs, and you have the same primary care doctor every time. That would be better because they would know you better and you would know what you were getting every time you went in.  Inconsistently, or mystery is not something you want with healthcare, and its certainly not something you want with your auto repair services.  That is why it’s so valuable to you to always get me when you call for vehicle repairs.
  • No Tow Trucks Required- This one is straight forward, no tow truck, no wait, and no towing fees. You save time and money by not having to call a tow truck to come get your vehicle when it breaks down. You can skip all that is involved with towing, and I can come out to help when you contact me. I strongly prefer you not have to exert extra energy, time, and money going through the entire towing process just to get your vehicle worked on.  This is one of the reasons why I wanted to be not just an auto mechanic but a mobile mechanic. Being mobile lets me get to you wherever you are and whenever you are there.  That is another good reason to give me a call when your vehicle breaks down and it needs service. 
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  • Convenience- It is far more convenient to be able to drive your own vehicle than it is to use the COMET when you need to go somewhere. Columbia’s best mobile mechanic makes it more convenient to keep your vehicle ready to go.  That way you can use public transport if you want to, but it won’t be a necessity for you to do so. Additionally, you will be able to choose convenient times and places for us to meet up and get your vehicle the repairs that it needs. Convenience should always be a priority no matter what company you are using or what industry the company providing that service is in. I make it one of my top priorities to keep my auto repair services convenient and look for ways to increase convenience. 

Those are more reasons why you should call me before you call any of the other local auto mechanics or local auto repair shops. I give you plenty of reasons to call and you will be glad you did.